Thursday, December 18, 2008

Large Nude Brest Mug

So here's a listing I came across today. The auction is titled Large Nude Brest Mug. The item description is as follows: HERE IS A LARGE NUDE BREST MUG WITH THE TAN.IT HAS SANIBEL ISLAND WRITTEN ON THE FRONT.IT IS IN GREAT CONDITION AND FREE FROM ANY CHIPS .
Yep, that's it. Class grace & eloquence. Obviously the three go hand in hand.
How I would love to nestle my chin between those babies as I sip my morning coffee. Honey, I smell an xmas gift!

1 comment:

Anthony LeRoy Lovato (Pollock) said...

LMFAO That is the COOLEST mug! I think I'd drink coffee a lot more with a mug like that. He-He!