Thursday, December 11, 2008

The heat live in make friend!

This was some seller crazy-talk at the bottom of a listing I perused over today. I would really like to know what kind of hallucinogens this guy was on and where I can get some. It's profound stuff this guy is writing. I want all you readers to remember, as you go about your day, that the heat live in make friend. Oh! And the family. Don't forget the family!

"I am a new member on the beltal , the heat live in make friend. If you win my item, I will present your a beautiful gift. Those gifts that have special features can give you of family and friend take to bless a friendly luck. I hope you bid heart letter. The family. Best wishes to you and your family/friend!"

Yes indeed, I send you all bless a friendly luck this holiday season and best wishes to you and your family/friend!


Anthony LeRoy Lovato (Pollock) said...

What the hell is the beltal?! Some new faction of the Taliban? Why would you go announcing such stuff? Makes you wonder what's in the gift. Could it be Anthrax, a bomb? Who knows, but you better bless a friendly luck before you open it!

หาเพื่อน said...

i like it to my friend :P