Friday, December 18, 2009

eBay Members Are a Whole Bucket of Crazy

This is a recent instant message conversation between me and a couple co-workers while we responded to all the usual member email. Does this gullible fool really thing Gucci makes ice cube trays?

Mr. Protection says: Member Message: I'm not sure why I am not able to list ice cube trays by Gucci that are authentic!!!
Wonder-Rachel says: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Bruce LeRoy says: I can't believe that gucci makes ice cube trays
Wonder-Rachel says: I DON'T believe that Gucci makes ice cube trays.
Mr. Protection says: lol, me neither
Mr. Protection says: what's next... blenders?
Bruce LeRoy says: Hey can I sell my Coach ice pick?
Wonder-Rachel says: omg - I'm crying over here
Mr. Protection says: Yes, yes you can!
Mr. Protection says: Right after I sell my Burberry salad bowl!
Wonder-Rachel says: You get all the good ones, I swear. It's like you're a freak magnet.
Mr. Protection says: That explains all the women I've ever dated then, huh?


Anonymous said...

gucci does make ice cube trays... simple google search answers this. Trademark gucci "G""

Anonymous said...

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