Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not as Responsed

Yay! My internet has been down for 2 days (IhateyouComcast!) and finally I am connected again. It feels very odd when I can't get online to interact with all my friends and read eamil & posts. So happy to be back - here is some funny feedback to chuckle at.

Buyer Feedback
(2008-05-22): Not as responsed,No reliable,No responsible,and cowed behavior!!!!!!!!!!!
Seller Response (2008-05-22): Wanted refund to be cleaned, said there was fungas and problems. Needs to read!

Hm... I'm wondering if it's against eBay policy to sell fungus. It's obviously not against policy to not know how to spell. I often wonder if these people just don't know what all the red underlining is when they're typing or if they really just don't care that they sound like complete idiots. It seems unlikely they wouldn't notice the spell-checker markings. Unless they have been linving under a rock since the early 90s. In which case why the hell are they selling on eBay?


Anthony LeRoy Lovato (Pollock) said...

I'd like to know what cowed behavior means? Are they trying to say the seller is a grazer? I don't know how you can clean a refund, I think I'll have to ask for one next time I take something back at a store.

x said...

I totally read "cowed behavior" as coward behavior but assumed someone wrote it who couldn't say their R's.
And, no, they have no idea they're spelling shit wrong. I guarantee you. Stupid people have no idea they're stupid.